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Paula-Anne Porter Jones.

This vocal bombshell has the power to make you not only turn on and tune in, but get hooked to her sultry voice. She can make you laugh, cry and ponder in one breath while still maintaining that warmth. An avid volleyballer, she is forever on a court or at the gym preparing to be on a court.

With a thin pearly white smile, Paula has the knack of looking like a kid who’s up to something, which may include swiping a couple of cookies from the cookie jar. Her years of experience in radio are evident in the ease of her delivery whether at the crack of dawn or the coming of the dusk. Dubbed ‘super mommy’, this radio giant is heavily into family and somehow manages to make balancing morning radio with kids and a husband, look oh so easy.

Tune in to Sunday Side Up, weekday mornings, 5am to 8:30am.