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Emily Shields.

Emily Shields is a Broadcast Journalist and an Attorney-at-Law.

Emily is well known across Jamaica for her incisive and cutting edge commentary on every sphere of life – be it politics, sports, social issues. Her career as a journalist began in 2001 when she joined the RJR Communications Group as host of the midnight call in programme – “Tell Me About It”. Her foray in television commenced in 2002 when she became host of the live television news and current affairs programme, Exposure, then aired on Sundays on Television Jamaica, TVJ.

She now hosts RJR’s Hotline on Thursdays and Fridays. Her biting and researched commentary can be heard on these days at the start of the programme in “Emily’s Views – an 8 to 10 minute commentary on an issue. Not afraid of taking on the news maker of the day, Emily engages one on one with leaders from all walks of life on the Hotline.

A proud mother of two, sports enthusiast and a driven advocate, the past student of Manning’s School in Westmoreland is compulsive and stern in getting people to account.