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Derrick Wilks.

The minute you hear Derrick’s voice you forget about the man who ‘bad drive’ you; you forget about your boss yelling in your ear about the ‘budget deadline! You forget that you have no gas and worse no money for gas. His voice has become entrenched in Real Jamaican Radio land and has an uncanny way to lure you, hold you and soothe you. If he decided to read aloud ‘bla bla black sheep’, you’d probably get reeled in anyway and comment on how lovely he’s resonating the words and why this ode to black sheep wasn’t done all along.

His voice is unmistakable and listening becomes so involuntary that hearing it makes you stop and ask ‘where is Derrick Wilks?’ As soon as he opens the microphone he transforms the airwaves into a comfort zone and makes it his own. Whether he’s throwing down some hip hop dancehall beats on Friday…yes he can mix…. or giving you some inspirational Sunday morning hits, Derrick Wilks knows radio, loves radio, breathes, eats, sleeps and thinks radio.

Derrick can be found reading the 5pm news package in Beyond the Headlines Mondays to Fridays or inside Sunday Magazine from 9am.