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Daniel Thompson.

“It’s Daniel Thompson, on RJR 94FM”, the sultry jingle announces the arrival of a chameleon who is excited about radio but more importantly about pleasing his listeners. When you meet him there is an immediate burst of a broad smile that engulfs you and gives you that warm feeling of sipping a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon.

His malleable personality makes it easy for him to don a an expensive Calvin Klein pin striped suit and chit chat with the crème de la crème of society and in the same breath throw on a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt to chill on the corner with a ‘cabby’ or window wiper youth.

When he is in the studio, he gets lost in the electric synergy that only Real Jamaican Radio can provide. When he opens the mic, you instantly understand that he is having loads of fun and is luring you in to share in the fun as well.

As unpredictable as radio can be, you never get a sense of nervousness or apprehension….just a smooth presentation of realness. He loves music but you can tell that he has a soft spot for that lover’s rock and always tries to bring that love into the hearts, minds, homes and cars of his listeners. Whether it’s the easy going Night Cap or the tumultuous Catch a Fyah, DT has got you musically covered.