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Robbery at Charlie Smith High leaves students and staff traumatized

06:29pm | Wed, October 19, 2011

Students and teachers at the Kingston-based Charlie Smith High have been placed on high alert by school officials after armed thugs descended on the campus just after lunch break Wednesday. Several students were reportedly robbed at gunpoint in full view of teachers. The invasion by gunmen resulted in teachers staying away from classes for all afternoon sessions.

 The entire teaching staff immediately issued a call for security measures to be beefed up after what they claimed was a series of attacks at the institution. RJR News understands that the men gained access to the school through a broken perimeter fence, near the rear of the building.

 The teachers pointed to several security breaches along the school's perimeter fence and told RJR News that efforts to have the matter addressed by the Ministry of Education had fallen on deaf ears.

 “Several men invaded the school compound and held up a student at gunpoint in the presence of about three or four teachers. The teachers were very traumatized by it and we decided that we were not going to return to classes today or tomorrow until we meet with Ministry personnel regarding security personnel at the school,” one teacher told RJR News.

Last year, the school had to close its doors for two days after a laptop which contained CXC data for students was stolen by intruders. The teachers also said that several students had been attacked on the school's compound by outsiders.