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Public sector wage freeze on the front burner in Parliament

05:47pm | Tue, May 15, 2012

The issue of a possible wage freeze for public sector workers was one of the matters which came up for discussion at Tuesday's sitting of the Standing Finance Committee of Parliament.  Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Audley Shaw, questioned Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, about whether discussions have begun with public sector workers on the matter.

Mr. Shaw asked the Finance Minister about the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, IMF and the possibility of a wage freeze which could be on the horizon for public sector workers. He said with a budget that has no possibility of wage increases for the group the matter of a wage freeze had to be discussed.

The opposition spokesman on Finance continued this time enquiring about the status of reclassification of nurses and health sector workers in general. However Dr. Phillips did not have much to say as he pointed out that the reclassification programme was still being discussed.

Finance Minister Dr. Peter Phillips speaking with his opposition counterpart Audley Shaw.  The Nurses Association of Jamaica, NAJ and two other public service groups have made it clear that they will not be accepting a wage freeze for the heads of agreement.