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Prime Minister Simpson-Miller's not promoting full gay rights

05:40pm | Tue, May 08, 2012

The Office of the Prime Minister, OPM is describing as inaccurate a statement published by the US based TIME Magazine last month, which indicated that Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller is promoting full civil rights for gays.

The April 18 article was written by US congresswoman Yvette Clarke ahead of the Prime Minister's acceptance of an award which recognized her as being among TIME Magazine's most 100 influential persons for 2011.  It further stated that the promotion of full civil rights for gays is a "courageous move in a country with a violent history of homophobia."

But speaking with RJR News, Lincoln Robinson, the prime minister's press secretary was adamant that the statement did not accurately reflect the prime minister's response on the issue during the leadership debate prior to the December 29, 2011 general election. 

"In my discussions with the prime minister she has made it very clear...and I can only reference her comments at the time of the leadership debate.  I can tell you that is where the prime minister has directed all of Jamaica....she does not support the intrusion, the prying into peoples' lives, she looks at that as a matter of human rights and the protection of rights of all Jamaicans and that we should not discriminate against persons because of their sexual orientation."     

During the leadership debate the prime minister also indicated a willingness to review the country's buggery laws.  However it is not yet known when that matter will be taken to Parliament.