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Police Federation doesn’t have a case to remove INDECOM head

07:22pm | Mon, March 12, 2012

 Unless INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams resigns from his job, the Police Federation and other groups will have great difficulty  removing him from his post.

Under the INDECOM Act, there are four grounds on which the Governor General, not the Prime Minister, could be asked to remove Mr. Williams.

It would have to be proven that he cannot discharge his functions because he is sick, incompetent, misbehaved or does business with the government without disclosing same.

Attorney at law Bert Samuels, does not think the police have a case noting that the commissioner can attend a press conference

As far as the accusation of bias being made against Mr. Williams is concerned, each House of Parliament would have to pass a resolution for them to be investigated.      

The Governor General  would then have to appoint a panel of no fewer than two and no more than five judges or ex-judges to make a determination and report back to him.