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Decorator says he was told to forego the green in flag decor

05:03pm | Fri, April 13, 2012

The St. James based decorator who was blamed for a foul-up in the decor backdrop arrangement for the recent swearing-in ceremony of Chairman of the St. James Parish Council, is refuting Mayor Glendon Harris' account.

The Contractor, Denton Edwards of Eddie's Fabric Work and Decor, who's at the centre of the swirling controversy issued a one page statement to media houses  on Friday afternoon denying most if not all of the Mayor's explanation.

The decorator who has been operating since 2004 listed a chronology of the events.

He said he was contacted on March 28 by a St. James Parish Council procurement officer to provide potted plants for the March 29 swearing-in ceremony. 

The following day, another Parish Council employee, Donna Muirhead then requested that he also was being contracted to provide backdrop for the ceremony.

Mr. Edwards says he provided the plants and while working on the backdrop he was instructed by Protocol Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister Courtney Humes to forego the completion of the green portion of the backdrop in the interest of time.

The decorator insists there was no shortage of green cloth to complete the task and that he would have been able to complete the backdrop if he was afforded the opportunity to do so.

Mr. Edwards has flatly denied Mayor Harris' pronouncement that he's to refund his 30-thousand dollar fee for the job.

Attorney-at-law George Thomas who's representing Mr. Edwards says his client will not refund any money.

Mr. Edwards says over the years he has provided what he describes as sterling work for the St. James Parish Council.

He listed work on Christmas Tree Lighting ceremonies, Heroes and Independence Day Celebrations.

Mr. Edwards says private sector entities including Sandals Resort and Round Hill are among his clients.