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The Justice System and the case of Adija Palmer .

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            The Justice System and the case of Adija Palmer et al

    The jury's guilty verdict in the Case of Adija Palmer known as Vybz Kartel
    is being proclaimed by some as a victory for the Justice System which in
    their minds was on trial. I suspect we will not now hear calls for the
    abolition of the Jury System. In a country overwhelmed by its crime problem
    there has been an increasing connection made between crime and the Justice
    System a position both faulty and misleading. As a consequence there is an
    inherent danger of reposing in any single case any hope of resolving the
    crime problem and the danger of overlooking or papering over challenges to
    the pursuit of Justice.

                 I have no doubt that the case of Adija Palmer will go to the
    Court of Appeal as it must as there are far reaching issues which must be
    addressed not the least of which is the admissibility of SMS electronic
    messages known as texts , the acceptability of possibly tampered evidence
    etc. It is absolutely critical because our common law is based on precedent
    evidenced by case law and these are new areas of law as it relates to
    technological evidence.Law has nothing to do with with Public Morality nor
    assuaging popular sentiment and celebrity status . It is concerned with
    justice and the only yardstick by which the system must be judged is just
    that Justice.

    Post by Clive Mullings