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International Streaming Services.

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    There is no question that here in Jamaica, 1SpotMedia and Netflix are the best streaming TV options.  They are both purpose built for our market. 

    There are other notable streaming services that are not readily available on our shores.  These include: Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTubeTV (a paid streaming service separate from YouTube itself). 


    If you lived in the United States, you’d have Hulu.  Backed by the major broadcast companies, it has an impressive library of complete TV seasons alongside its live TV offering.  Like Netflix, Hulu is available on a  myriad of streaming devices for convenient access.  Like live TV, Hulu has ads, and even with the required paid subscription, you’ll have to sit through them.

    Amazon Prime

    Many, perhaps too many, Jamaican subscribe to Amazon Prime for the free shipping; Prime video is an added perk.  Amazon has an extensive library of TV shows and movies in addition to its award winning original content.  Subscribers can also get commercial free and downloaded content to watch offline.  


    You may not have noticed the YouTube offers a subscription based service, YouTubeTV.  The subscription service offers some ad free content, a collection of 70 TV channels, original content along with live news and sports.  You’re already familiar with YouTube, so the YouTubeTV interface is super easy to navigate,

    Honorable mentions to Sling TV and Apple TV

    AppleTV is a very different kind of streaming service and doesn’t fit well by comparison in this category.  Sling TV is a good option for those looking to replace cable, but don’t expect original content to keep you glued.