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A Failure of Leadership .

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    A Failure of Leadership

    It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are unable to achieve a modicum
    of good governance . The Tivoli Enquiry has become mired in controversy
    before the first oath has been taken and the Attorney General who ought to
    have known better, by mounting a Defence of Ms. Velma Hylton QC in the
    Parliament in one fell swoop compounded an already contentious issue.
    Not only was the forum wrong but the effort was woefully inappropriate . Was
    the Cabinet or the Prime Minister aware that the Attorney General was
    embarking on such a reckless course? The mere fact that a Defence had to be
    raised undermines the work of the Commissioner and makes her cannon fodder
    for those who are concerned about the appearance of bias. Her utterances in
    the 2001 Tivoli Enquiry notwithstanding the dubious legality of her logic
    have made the appointment untenable and threatens the efficacy of its
    deliberations. In order to restore the Public's confidence in our
    institutions which is critical to any civilized democracy it would be wise
    for Ms Hylton QC to recuse herself as the Government clearly will not revoke
    the appointment.
    The Governor General has no executive power under the constitution to do
    so as his position is ceremonial and to do otherwise would create a
    constitutional crisis .
    Having seen the shouting match between Dr Peter Phillips , The Leader of The
    Opposition and to a lesser extent Mr Audley Shaw albeit correctly in Defence
    of the hapless Deputy Speaker I couldn't help but mutter " how far we have

    Blog post by Clive Mullings