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Creative Purpose by Hotline host Clive Mullings.

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    Creative Purpose

    It is often said to the point of being a truism that a country's greatest resource is its people and yet we pay more attention to infrastructural development and allocate resources in a way which proves the lie of the assertion. Our leaders are more concerned about political ethos than making decisions that maybe politically expensive and disruptive of the holy grail of power. We pretend that Caricom is important for Caribbean unity while at the same time our economy haemorrhages from a dysfunctional trade balance and Barbados stalls on the compensation to be paid to Ms Shanique Myrie with nary a word from our Government . Having created a noose of debt we applaud our leaders as the IMF says our currency is still overvalued and weekly devaluations tighten like a Hangman's tug. Creativity , Intellect and Innovation are required to turn our country around not jobless statistical growth which leaves the majority of our people behind. It's Education without which it can't be the economy , stupid!

    Clive Mullings.