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“Run-mout” in Parliament.

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    “Run-mout” in Parliament

    Mr. Ed Bartlett, chairman of Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations

    Committee (PAAC) “run him mout” in the course of an analysis of a report to the House

    in committee, by the Women’s Centre Foundation of Jamaica. More popularly known as

    the Women’s Centre, the organization has long been respected for its dedication in its over

    three decades of ministering to young teenage mothers. What has changed now?

    Mr. B., accuses them of “a fire station approach to their responsibilities”. Are we to

    assume that he’s charging them with making a quick exit, like firemen responding to a call.

    Why would they do that? And what about his other puzzling reference? “The Women’s

    Centre Foundation has become a self-perpetuating Government service offered by the

    nanny state”. Does he mean Nanny, as in Jamaica’s only female National Hero? Or Nanny

    as in female goat? Or Nanny, a British child minder? What’s with the “nanny state?” Is it

    part of a new political vocabulary?

    Since politicians avoid writing their own speeches as much as possible, I guess we

    should seek out his ghost writer to get the translation. The foolish-talk could go on forever

    for all I care but the 38-year old institution, which has done far more good with little

    resources than Mr. Bartlett seems to know, does not deserve to be beaten over the head with

    indecipherable fire-station, nanny obfuscation.