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“fire burning hot” in Gordon House.

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    While the Diaspora family was freezing in brutal winter storms on Tuesday evening, it was “fire burning hot” in Gordon House. Source of the conflagration? The Prime Minister’s travel overseas. Should the PM have gone “a Farrin?” How many times? What it cost? Who to pay? Why didn’t the PM talk to the people before? It doesn’t matter now where the questioning began and why it took so long for the answers to come. The Opposition admits that they’ve begun preparing to win the next General Election. You can bet “foreign travel” will be on the platform. No surprise that Tuesday evening at Duke Street it was “War, everywhere is war”, (as Bob sey).
    The PM brought forth heavy accounting books chronicling where, why and how the visits were made but that didn’t stop the war or controlled Warmy. Ah so we stay.
    According to the Government’s accounts, $J117 million and mash-mash was spent over two years (2012-2013) on travel for the PM along with officials and aides. Did we get value for money? Look out for more kass-kass to come at Gordon House. We should not forget that J.A. people are always suspicious (some say grudgeful) of overseas tripping. Travel means travel in style, shopping and having nice time. That is certain to be argued in the travel war next time around. It ain’t over yet. You want to bet?

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